Stephen tanswell

I have so many memories of Stephen over the last 23 years, so many are a blur of laughter and way too much alcohol. I had to laugh when I heard someone at the funeral say “do you remember the first time we met him and he dragged me across the floor by my feet?” Because it was a very similar introduction for me. I had made friends with Jemma in year 9 maths (both avoiding doing any maths of course) and she asked me to go to her house where I met Stephen for the first time. He promptly pushed me over and stubble burned my face while joanne stood shaking her head and laughing. I wasn’t too sure what to think but quickly realised that was our ste. 

I’ve grown up with Stephen always there in the background like a bonus big brother and I was so lucky. From you calling me a stalker on Highbury Ave because Gary lived there, to us moving to Church Road (me first!) You teased me mercilessly like only a brother could. Its been an honour to be an adopted part of the family and watch you become an amazing father to your gorgeous children and husband to the love of your life, beautiful Joanne.

It’s hard to pinpoint a favourite memory but you and jemma picking me up when the whole of Urmston was snowed in to take Jake snowing, watching snoop and stevie wonder at Glastonbury, every tanswell do ever, you leave a massive hole. 

You really were a diamond of a man and you are so missed. Its taken me a year to write this because nothing I say feels like it can ever be enough. Love you, miss you. 

Your family have absolutely done you proud ste, you did a great job as a husband, brother, son, amazing friend to everyone and father. Xxx



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