Dave Hanson

Our Dad

What can I tell you about our Dad?

Down The Boulevard was where he grew up as a lad.   

Surrounded by siblings, coming out of his ears,

Sadly, many have passed over the years.


Still two sisters are with us and in-laws to boot,

A family shindig was always a hoot!

Dad’s family grew as he married our mum,

The beautiful Nina & three daughters to come.


Growing up we lacked nothing, dad worked hard to provide –

For his wife and his daughters and our growing tribe.

VHS, ZX Spectrum and Cable TV,

(You know) the dial by the window that went beyond 3!


We were lucky to travel the way that we did,

To Europe and Florida and of course Gib.

Mum’s family accepted Dad into their nest,

As an extended family, we are truly blessed.


So, back to our childhood and living with Dad,

We had ups and downs, good times and bad.

There are memories that stick out, I’m sure you’ll recall –

Dad’s dulcet tones – “I’m not shouting!” he’d bawl!


“Don’t do as I do, do as I say!”

“I’m right when I’m wrong, and we’ll do it my way!”

Tea at the table, sitting in his chair,

Reading his paper and that deadly glare!


Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad,

But he was definitely set in his ways was our Dad!

We learnt to agree, or just roll our eyes –

And run up the stairs before he could rise!


He loved our mum, that’s never in doubt,

He loved us three too – in between the odd clout!

His six grandchildren, they brought him such joys,

He never really complained of the noise!


They’re all boisterous and loud and loved visiting him,

For the soup and the banter and general din!

Christmas was special and Dad always cooked –

A spectacular spread with no fad overlooked!


It’s going to be hard now he’s no longer here,

But we’re close as a family even though we’re not near.

We’ll carry on and keep our traditions,

Well never run out of his lifetime’s renditions!


When Dad made friends, they were friends for life,

Work mates to pub mates and his wonderful wife.

They’ve all stuck together and stayed in touch,

Calling him “Dad” and treating him as such.


He missed socialising in these lockdown times,

But often his flip-phone would pipe-up it’s chimes!

It would be so-and-so from the pub,

Checking up on Dad, the “old guy” that they loved.


He did really well, our Dad, without mum,

Dad, mum and grandparent rolled into one.

A man of routine, he cooked, cleaned and prayed,

He missed his wife daily, devout to her he stayed.


The blessing in all this is now they’re together,

Their love everlasting, their marriage forever.

Give mum a hug Dad, and much love from us,

Waltz in the stars and the heavens above.


For me, my Dad was my constant support,

It’s him you can thank for my natural rapport!

He helped me with finance, but mostly with love,

A big hand on my shoulder and a rub that was rough!


I’ll miss our banter, I did make him laugh!

He was proud of the way I followed his path.

Not scared to object and in true Hanson style,

I can question authority with respect and guile.


I’ll bring up my children to be strong like my Dad,

They’ll know right from wrong and they’ll know good from bad,

We’ll stand up for ourselves and we’ll have our say,

Won’t be right when we’re wrong but we’ll do it our way!


So, I hope you can all hold onto your thoughts –

And stories and memories in times when you’re fraught.

Our Dad loved life and lived life to the full –

Up a ladder, on his roof at 81 – just outside Hull.







Davina's Poem

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