Kevin Lloyd

I first met Kevin on 14th July 2020 via Zoom.  I was one of his interviewers that day.  He’d applied for the Infrastructure Support Manager role within the IT Department of European Tyre Enterprise Ltd.  

Myself and my colleague James Howard were really impressed with Kevin on the interview.  He was so warm, funny, knowledge and easy to chat to…and wow, couldn’t he chat!  I learnt so much about him in that 1 hour – named after Kevin Keegan and how he loved his football and his passion for motorbikes. He told us about the great relationships and love for his son, stepson, Lisa, Zuzanna and her girls.  He talked about previous roles at Comet and Selfridges.  We really got a strong sense of someone who made great lasting connections with people – both at home and at work.

Even though we felt we knew every possible detail about him(!), we invited Kevin back for a 2nd Zoom interview on 29th July, where he wowed us again!  We knew he would thrive in our IT Team and make an important difference.  We offered Kevin the role and we were so delighted when he accepted.

Kevin started his career with us on 10th August 2020 and he immediately made a positive impact.  Kevin very quickly took on responsibility for some important technical activities, and worked so well with various people across the IT Department for the greater good.  Given some of Kevin’s responsibilities I had regular contact with him, several update meetings on a range of topics.  I found Kevin to be good at what he did and very articulate.  

We were so shocked and saddened to hear what had happened to Kevin.  Although I knew him for five months, and had never actually met him, other than on Zoom, I feel I knew Kevin so well.

It was a privilege to have known Kevin, and we will always remember him.

David Willock

IT Director, European Tyre Enterprise Ltd


David Willock

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