Bernard Malatrat

For Edytka, Natalka, family and the many friends of Bernard. 

I have anticipated with pleasure for some 5/6 years my weekly leçon and Bernard never disappointed. Vocabulary and grammar faded as we progressed but never the ‘lecture à haut voix..’

So from his cleverly selected books on house renovations, electricians plumbers and roofers,there were balloon journeys, journeys of a mislaid hat, even weekend seductions and the subtle promotion of a village with an alleged murderess.

We covered a wide range of subjects from eco-engineering, wine tasting, my French family, politics, travel, European history and quizzes where he was as pleased as me to see if my score was above average.

Bernard had become a friend who vetted my French language discours for big family occasions. It is sad that he has been taken before even my French father in law who died last month age 93.  I always knew that period would be difficult but time with Bernard lifted me to better comprehend the nuances of an Anglo French family in difficult times.

It is difficult not to grieve and indeed it does help particularly for his sudden and early death but I think his nature would be to encourage you, Edytka and Natalka to live well and use every day to do you best to achieve and be happy.

Bernard, you are a great guy and thanks for the memories of time well spent.

David Terry

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