John Graham Ramsay

JR&DD Vorgono detail 18082002

When I was an undergraduate in far off Australia, doing structural geology in the early 1990s with Dr David Durney, we used the texts books by Suppe and also Ramsay & Huber Vols 1 & 2. We learnt about re-fold patterns and stress patterns from R&H. He never said he was a student of John Ramsay. Later when I was doing my Honours I relied heavily on the ideas of refolding formulated by John in the late 60s.

Fast forward to August 2002 and David asked to me go with him to the Penrose Conference at Ascona in Switzerland. It was at this conference I met John Ramsay and many other ‘names’ in the field of structural geology who seemed kind of legendary to me. It was pretty amazing to go in the field with these guys, but also see firsthand critical outcrops figured in R&H.

On the last night there was a closing dinner. At that dinner there was a bit of a toast to John and discussion of the student days of these senior geologists. Then, I think it was Hermann Lebit, asked Johns post graduate students to stand up. A number of ‘names’ including David Durney stood up. I then piped up and said that their students should put their hands up as well. I put my hand up, as did a number of other younger guys. Then I said, well if these gents standing are Johns ‘children’ as his students, then we must his grandchildren. John looked a bit teary at that.

A great loss but will be remembered.

The photo is John and Stefan Schmidt at Vorgono Dam Switzerland during the Penrose Conference

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David Hood

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