Paul Vernon

It’s hard to find the words. Paul’s been my friend, colleague and mentor over the years. He inspired and taught me so much and I am forever grateful. We worked together and built a platform that has helped thousands of people to find work. The photo is from our business trip in New York. It was -22 degrees in the first week of January and bitterly cold but we enjoyed every minute of it.

Paul was an amazing character with so much enthusiasm and determination. We worked a lot, Paul and I, many times late into the night doing deployments, fixing things and chatting over skype. Paul would even be working in the hospital on his laptop whilst receiving his chemo! He refused to let it get in the way of anything, even when we insisted he take a break. I still work on the very same platform we built together over 10 years ago now so I get to see his code and comments every day. It’s my job to make sure this part of his legacy lives on and helps many more people.

I miss you mate.


David Hobbs

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