Keith Howard, Headmaster of Queen Mary's Grammar School 1979-1995

Throughout my seven years at QMGS, Mr Howard led the old school with a quiet expectation of hard work and excellence from the whole school community.

Whether striding the corridors with his gown billowing, or at his desk beyond the red & green office traffic lights “the Boss” was always a term of deep respect from both the teachers and boys (& girls) built upon a willingness to live the life that would lead to success.

A brilliant linguist, I will always remember ending up in a second-year bottom French set, taught by KGH, initial fear soon turning to hope as the patient Mr Howard supported our efforts, despite his evident effortlessness. It is such a testament to his teaching skills that he was able to understand the struggles of the beginner. Runour has it that he was fluent in 9 languages, but I cannot recall KGH ever taking a top, or easier, set.

Keith Howard’s legacy will be generations of students who have gone out into a changing world with the aspirations to excel, the work ethic to strive and the skills to adapt.

From the Midlands to the Mawddach…
Quas dederis solas semper habebis opes


David Gwillam QMGS 1983-1990

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