John Graham Ramsay


It was very sad to hear of John’s death. I realise I haven’t seen John and Dorothee for many years but he was such an inspiration to me and to generations of structural geologists. I first bought Folding and Fracturing of Rocks just after it was published in 1967 before starting undergraduate geology. This led to a lifetime’s fascination of bent and folded rocks. As many are going to indicate it was certainly a major stimulus for me as well as generations of structural geologists. I was a second generation Ramsay “student” with a PhD with David Durney, but the approach of detailed studies of rock outcrops, sketching of outcrops, searching for strain markers and indicators of bulk rock stretch have been part of a love of structural geology. I have included some photos taken on the Helvetics fieldtrip in 1980? Notice a young fit John Ramsay sketching and highlighting Alpine geology. Beautiful memories.

John also supported many of us in the early stages of our academic careers. For this I was particularly grateful.  He will be greatly missed.


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