Christopher Divers

I always left your company happier. You made me laugh and feel good about myself. You were so positive and lived life to the full and I always took inspiration from that. I had the best time with you in Bangkok man. The Thai massages.. when those women put us into a Boston crab and we were cursing and swearing at the pain. That was so funny. I was tapping out. We had such a laugh that day. I know you were so glad to have someone from back home come out and see you but I was so glad to be able to spend time with you and make memories. We had so many great coffee walks. I’m just sorry we never got that beer we always said we would go for. I loved coaching with you and I learned so much from you. We were such a good team. I know the boys will miss you and be thinking of you. Mate you inspired me. You lived your life and you never held back. Thank you for being such a good friend to me. I miss you so much. There’s so much I could say and I don’t know how to get it all on the page. But you know what’s in my heart man. Love you loads mate x


David Boland

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