Archbishop Emeritus French Chang-Him

He is risen

It is with sadness that I express my condolence to the Chang-Him family at this time.  The Archibishop and I were good friends in Primary School – we were in the same class.  I’m sure it was his quiet, calm spirit, and his saintly example that kept me out of a lot of mischief and I know many on the island can say the same.  He had the heart and mind of Christ. He was small in stature, but I have heard it said that the strongest man is the one who can control his emotions, in the face of provocation.  Surely, in our nation there is no one who was stronger than Archibishop French.

Rest in peace, my friend, until the resurrection morning, when we shall be called to meet with our Lord, never to part again.


David Ahwan

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