Dorothy Hancock

Dear Dot..

I can feel cheated that I have been robbed of many more

One for the Road!!
What do you like the most/least about..XXX
Nature vs Nurture
and many more….

Or I can choose to feel lucky that I got to enjoy your company and influences for just over 9 years

I choose the latter.. I choose to remember the good times, the laughs and the lessons delivered

I choose to be grateful for knowing you and calling you family

I choose to embrace the grief and allow it to remind me of love

There is no replacing you, and there never will be… 

But through your children and grandchildren you have left a strong legacy that will keep you in our thoughts and in our stories

You will be greatly missed, so for now…

Cheers…..”This IS about you Dorothy, all about you”

Much Love



Dorothy Hancock

Dave Ainscough

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