Vantil Charles

It is difficult to sum up the impact Vantil has had on my life, both personally and professionally, since the day he hired me in 2013. I could not have wished for a better mentor to have guided me through the many ups and downs of life in the intervening eight years. His support, knowledge and patience were endless and yet it is his friendship that I will miss the most. Some of my happiest memories in life are with Vantil watching our beloved Arsenal together; in the stadium wildly celebrating a last minute winner, before sunrise in a Santa Monica pub, or in many an awful bar in Europe after research trip dinners. You only had to meet Vantil to see that he was truly a friend to all, regardless of status or position. He managed to be wildly inappropriate at times whilst still embodying so much of what we are trying to achieve at Capital; selfless, unique, and dedicated. I owe much of what I have to Vantil and am a better man for having known him.  


Danny Jacobs

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