Dear Harriet, this seems so surreal writing this message. It’s heartbreaking, no words will take this pain away from your husband and your family. I’m thinking of them all at this hard time. 

Our journeys crossed twice. We first met at your house when we must have been 11/12 perhaps. We had a family BBQ. I’m not quite sure now how we are related, I think my step dad is your second cousin, something like that. I remember,  we fed your chickens, collected flower petals to make perfume and played games with our brothers.

We then met again at Uni. Initially it took a while to know who each other were. I remember my auntie calling me one day and saying “oh Harriet is training to be an OT too” , then it clicked. We used to get the park and ride every day and chatted about life and all things OT drama. 

Your such a beautiful girl, inside and out. I’m sure you gave the biggest fight the last few months. Your husband and family, Im sure, are so proud of you. 

You and your family are in my deepest thoughts.

Sleep well. 

Lots of love,

Dana x x x

Dana Taylor

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