Alan Roy Thompson

We always referred to you as BIG AL – this was because my sons named you this when we were neighbours – my 2 smaller boys at the time saw you with your big wild beard – and named you instantly the one and only BIG AL!

I have so many great memories and stories about our travels.  One example is our trip to Twickenham – Tess was our taxi driver to Bristol TM.  I asked “Why not Bath as our drop off point?”  Your reply – “Because all that Bristol lot will get on the train and we will not get a seat by the time the train arrives in Bath!”  Its 10 am, we are the train with a seat, a bacon sarnier and a beer!  We change for Twickers.  Grab a pastie at Reading Station – grabbed a few pints in Twickenham village (the norm) then walked up to the station for a pre match pint!  After the match we decided to get something to eat – everywhere was full and there were long waiting lists for food.  We decide to have a beer whilst we wait (had been told 2.5 hour wait for food).  Whilst drinking our pint another waiter arrived shouting “Mr Atkins table for two.” ……..  “Thats me”, I shouted…. grabbing your arm and pushing our way to the table!  You asked “What the hell are you doing?”  I told you to “shut up and order as they cant chuck us out once we are eating!”  Best chinese ever – you said ” I cannot believe you Connors” as I shoved a spring roll in your mouth! You could never believe how we got away with it!

I have no doubt you are in heaven – please put a good word in for me and keep an eye on the arrivals board for me and leave  a message at the gate as to what bar you are in!


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