Stephen Tanswell

‘Alright lads!!, a cheeky Wednesday afternoon chippy is it?’ Said through smiling teeth as you caught me by surprise in Whitaker’s chippy. Next came that famous laughing tongue waggle when you got the reaction you were after from me ‘yes mate, what you having?’ ‘Ill have a chip barm lads’ you dropped me off and little did I know this was our last Steve and col time together.


As far back as I can remember, fond memories stem from Highbury avenue. I think Jo was sick of the sight of me turning up every week to give you a beating on Fifa. We referred to this as col and Steve night and I looked forward to it every week! Memories of watching united win 4-2 over arsenal on MNF with you.


I hold so many special memories from Highbury ave, fancy dress New Year’s Eve parties, celebrating Jake’s birth with a bottle of champagne and a game of cards with you, conte and Walps.

The time I told you the plans for your extension id drawn should be built/followed and you being you just said that you’d build it a bit bigger and no one would notice- (no one did!!). God I’m going to miss you mate.


Steve you were my best friend. Along with Ads and Chris we shared so many good laughs together.

Working for H2 construction when I was back between university terms. Me chris and ads were basically the dogs bodies but you always knew how to make those winter days fun. I can still see you and ads on the inside of one of the converted barn projects with the heating on full blast, you singing to the radio, only pausing to bang on the window to wind me up stood outside in the freezing conditions telling me I’d missed a bit with the sweeping brush!! Bastard!! But I loved you for it!


Poker nights will never be the same. When you’d recently moved in to Church road you hosted many a poker night. Whilst the house was being renovated and there was no toilet we used the old style black bin. You’d told us you didn’t need a hand emptying it as you were going to tell big jake you would be amending his job description and would have it written in to his contract to empty it on a Monday morning- always on the wind up.


The Delta days- what special memories we all have playing in that team together. You and I down the left, you being deltas greatest ever left back with me getting booted in most games up the left mid after you’d basically wind up every right mid who ever faced you. They always took the bait, retaliated and I got the brunt of it ha ha. No one got past you, no one beat you and no one ever won against you. You always found a way. What a team player you were. An honour to have shared these games with you.


So many belly laughs with you. On one of our many ski trips ‘ou est La rock bar?!’ ads was not feeling great on the last day we were due home. I can still hear you laughing at him lay in bed and you giving him no sympathy. Me and ads are going to miss you so much! Our San Carlo dates and beers in town will never be the same….who’s going to order the most expensive bottle of red now?!! Id give anything to hear you take the p*ss out of me again for getting upset when the side spaghetti is served on a separate plate?!!


At any celebration you jo and the kids were always first to arrive and last to leave. A big sloppy kiss at the end of the night and the tanswell confidence boost of words you always gave me will never leave me. After my 40th you said to me ‘you have a beautiful family and a beautiful home and I love you lads, stop worrying about things that don’t matter’ you know me so well and always found the right words to lift me.


I’ll never be able to find the words to describe how much I am going to miss you. There’s only one Steve Tanswell!! Lads, from the bottom of my heart, I will love you forever. Miss you forever x


Colin Dixon

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