David Arthur Williams

In a year of bad news, David’s death was the worst possible.

Whether family, friend, colleague or Horner, we will all have individual pleasant memories of David, but I will concentrate on what he meant to us.

He was simply David, and his presence, whether physically with us, or in thought, gave us comfort and reassurance that all was well.

He was warm and had considerable personal skills. He was a notable leader, but had the ability to blend in when necessary. Above all, when exercising these skills he had an immaculate sense of timing on when to make a visible personal contribution. One of the key characteristics of great leaders is the ability instinctively to identify key issues and priorities, and separate them from the “noise” around them. David had this “in spades”!

His sense of humour was creative spontaneous and mischievous, again characterised by a wonderful sense of timing. His humourous interventions could change the tone of any debate or conversation. He was always fun to be with.

David was a proud “Cymro” who loved to demonstrate his “Welshness”, especially in humour, but even more so in glorifying Welsh sporting victories over England – in almost any sport! Sport was in his blood. He played in school, and later was a soccer referee; it was not widely known that he was President of the Cheshire Referees’ Association.

Above all David was a family man, and his wife, children and grandchildren were never far from his heart. His bond with his “Essex Girl” Jane, was loving and unbreakable, built upon deep understanding.

When we consider what David was to us, it is abundantly clear that he was far more than the sum of these individual, but special characteristics. However close we were to him, his loss will leave an aching void in all of our lives.

Clive Thompson

Clive Thompson

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