Andy Debski

Oh Andy.

I should start by saying our first conversation didnt go well. It was a dispute over a long standing Fraud issue (years!) and Andy was not satisfied with my decision which would close it and move it on.

We avoided each other for a while until we were once again drawn together through our work. This time we worked on a case together from the start and thats when the magic started. We immediately understood each others way of working and struck up the best working relationship i have ever had with any officer managing Fraud in all my time in Housing. The fun we had regularly working as a tag team to establish outcomes not only enhanced my knowledge and skills but produced the most successful part of my work at Enfield. We smashed them fraud figures Andy. 

A truly, incredibly funny man who could make me laugh with just a look! My sides are hurting now thinking about Andys funnies at the lunch table around his Tiffin Tin with 124 layers of lunch carefuly prepared by Jamie Oliver.  Andy could put you in your place with one line and you rarely came back from it. And lets not talk about that fold -up bike you used to knock cars out of the way!  

I talk about the funny times and smile but one thing i do know is that in an instant Andy could switch to work mode and you had to hold on to keep up. Brilliant insight,drive and dedication. I absolutely loved that and try to do the same now myself. 

Professional, Timely, Honest, Dynamic and Dilligent.   Funny, Caring, Loving (always on about family) and just brilliant.

A true character who will be sorely missed. Love ya Andy and rest in peace. God bless to all of your family at this most difficult time.  



Clive Green

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