HRH Prince Phillip 1921-2021

An Ode to Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh  

Yes The Queen is head of her countries

But; He’s the King of his house

To those that truly know him

He’s a Lion, disguised as a mouse

He walks two steps behind his wife

Because that’s what he’s supposed to do

A man that believes in duty

That he has followed his whole life through.


Even when they said that his children

Would not be allowed his name

Once again he followed his duty

For that was the name of the game

He lived, until a few months away from a Hundred

And a letter was due from his Queen

But who needs a letter when he’s married

To the love of his life, and yes, the girl of his dreams.


There is so much more that I could tell you

About a Man’s man, a hero to the land that he loved

Although in the beginning, he experienced racism

He overcame it because of his faith from above

Which saw him overcome the same trials

That many an immigrant still goes through

Like a time capsule that reveals its purpose

Once re-discovered and displayed for all to view


Four children, you had, in batches of two

A gift by your glorious wife

The love in whom she has shared with you

Throughout your wonderful life

And now that you have left this world

Having said your last goodbye

We have the hope, that we’ll meet one day

Somewhere up in the sky.


By; Clint Jordan. 17th April 2021

  Prince Phillip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh. R.I.P.


Clint Jordan

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