Mark Barlow


To Mark – or as I referred to you as ‘The Boss’, and what a Boss you have been. 

If we needed to get it done, then we made it happen, as long as your industrial size coffee cup was constantly topped up, everything was alright.  There was never any moment when we haven’t been happy to see you in the office.   You have always been supportive, and never missed asking the important questions about my family, and most importantly are you happy!  Of course the answer was always yes, I would ask you the same, you’d give me a grumpy face and mumble some choice words, we’d have a laugh about it and get on with the day.  You always had a way of making us feel confident, and that we can get it done, even if we did mess up, it was dealt with and moved on.

More recently over the last few years we spent alot of time together, trying to navigate the new world order we found ourselves in, every challenge was met head on, and at times when it felt to much, somehow it was still ok, I will always cherish that time, it was during this period I was suppossed to be buying ‘the house’ I had always wanted, and even though I was going to delay it, you made me see sense to just go for it, and provided plenty of sound advice.  You had also just moved to a new family home that required an upgrade, and seeing the pictures daily of all the hard work you were doing to create a home for the boys and Marie as well as all the hard work you did at Showcase was at times amazing.  And lets not forget when that blooming watch on your wrist beeped you had to get up to do a few laps around the conference room table, I just don’t know how you fitted it all in!  

My last phone message from you, I think I may have had a shandy and sent a message to you when the mighty Forest went back up to the premier league….the response just says Lunatic!!  Our talks about the footie were always good fun, as I said you were a Red just the wrong type, although you agreed at that particular time Forest were more interesting to watch than Man Utd! Well Boss that has certainly changed, I will be keeping an eye on Man Utd, and will always be thinking of you, and very quietly hope that they do ‘ok’.

You were full of little surprises, bake day when you bought in the Victoria Sponge, and we assumed it was shop bought, nope you made it, and it was very very good……I am sure someone paid a tenner for it! It was for charity after all.

Boss we miss you, you were just fantastic to work for, even when a bit of the grump had got you.  My whole Showcase life you have been part of, and will continue to be as your message and passion is still and always will be around us here.  Lastly I would like to say thank you, it has been a pleasure to say I work for Mark Barlow. 

My love to all the family, Marie, Joshua, Oscar, Siobhan and Fiona, he was always so proud of you all.  


The Boss

Clare Doolan

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