Ian Findlay CBE

Glen Artney

I think one of the words that best describes Ian for me is constant, in that he was just that. As a leader and colleague, I looked up to and learnt from him, his approach, his kindness and insight, his gentle authority. He gave you his time and time, as we all know, is so very precious. He had the warmest of smiles and was just one of those people who had the ability to make you feel things were going to be alright. 

Locally, in Comrie, I would see Ian on his bike, in the allotment, out walking with his family – enjoying everything the natural world has to offer. So I post a picture of Glen Artney because it is so very beautiful and Ian loved this place he called home. My thoughts go to Ian’s family, friends and collegues and I wish them every strength.

“I found every breath of air, and every scent, and ever flower and leaf and blade of grass, and every passing cloud, and everything in nature, more beautiful and wonderful to me than I had ever found it yet”. I think Ian might have agreed with Charles Dickens on this one.

Glen Artney

Clara Walker

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