Frances Armstrong

I can not even begin to express my love for  you, Fran. I will miss you immensely. Always calm and resolute on what you wanted. An inner strength I held in the highest esteem. Constantly full of little surprises which allowed our friendship to grow year on year.

Memories of our trips to Riga, Reykjavik and more will be with me forever. Being terrified you’d get the massive Viking masseuse at the Blue Lagoon but then dragging me to THAT museum. Falling off the wall with laughter at Gibraltar Point. The filthy feet as we walked around London for my 18th.

You are woven into my life through the big events and the little daily things. From MNC weddings, birthdays Christmases to the earrings I wear most days, the mug I use for my 11am tea and stroop waffle, the socks I wear to run, the throw at the end of my bed and so much more.

I am privileged to have had you as my friend for 20+ years. I can not imagine the rest of my life without you. Find the best ice cream shop up there and save some for me.

Love you forever, Harry x 


Claire Parker

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