Jane Firmin

I have been very privileged to work with Jane for the past year, I learnt so much from her and loved her passion and commitment to women who have experienced violence in their homes.  There are many hundreds of women who are living changed lives due to her, many women who probably would not be alive today and children who did not have to stay in homes that were unsafe.


I really miss our 5 pm chats in the office putting the world to rights and hearing her talk about how proud she was of her gorgeous children, husband and her amazing Mum and Dad.  To Jane family was the centre of her world and seeing you all at her funeral I could see her in all of you children and the kindness that runs through your family.  


My thought and prayers are with you as you try to move forward without her, just know that she has left a massive legacy to so many women and children and taught so many people so much.


Claire Holcombe -

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