Chris Stannard

During my decade or so as a, now retired, trustee at The Charities Chris Stannard was a constant presence, warm, friendly, supportive, available, making things work, and, above all, dedicated professionally and personally to the objectives of providing support to the disadvantaged, of all ages, both directly, and by provision of education, training, and rehabilitation.

Sometimes people laugh, maybe less so since Grenfell, when you tell them that you are working with a charity that helps the poor in Kensington, but, my goodness, the need is there, and Chris, together with a phenomenal team, made sure it was recognised and a broad spectrum of help and support provided.

I had a great admiration for Chris both as a professional and as a person. Perhaps one tiny measure is that my wife, who had never met him, was immediately upset to hear the tragic news. She joins me in sending our warmest thoughts to his family and friends, and to the staff and trustees at The Charities.

Christopher Calman

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