Gareth Young

Dear Laura, Alex, Joe and family,

I had the privilege and honour of knowing and working with Gareth for over 11 years.  Over the last few weeks I’ve thought about him great deal and about what it was that made him such a good friend and supportive colleague.

The word that has come into my mind over and over is time, and in particular Gareth’s generosity with his time.

I know from our many conversations over the years, at Rednal, in London, during NASUWT Conferences, at TUC Congress or the political party conferences and at international events, just how important it was for him to have time with all of you in particular.

As Gareth’s career progressed he obviously got steadily busier, but he always made the time to talk to his friends and colleagues and to listen to them – about work issues, but also about their personal lives, their interests and concerns as well.

There are many types of generosity, but at times such as these we realise that time is the most precious thing we have.  For Gareth to always have been so generous with his time speaks to his character in a way I’ll never forget and I know the same is true of many others.

Gareth leaves behind many happy memories and many remarkable legacies – with you his family, within the NASUWT and the trade union movement, with his friends and with all those whose lives he touched and who are better people for having known him.


Chris Weavers

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