Nick Short


Nick was an utter legend of a human being. I was so fortunate to have him in my life for a little while, and he became a great mentor and friend.

I worked with Nick from 2008 to 2013 in the eMedia Unit at the RVC. I came out of Vet school with an idea and Nick gave me the confidence, support and guidance to give it a go… he seemed to never be afraid to try something out and give passion and an idea a chance. His fascination with technology and how it could make the world a better place was infectious, and I absolutely would not be doing what I am now without Nick being the guiding force in my early career.

I have so many fond memories of Nick; him talking to me about how it was “all going to go in the cloud, it’s the future” – me nodding politely and not really getting it, but as usual Nick completely got that right.Going to Malaga for a Medical Education conference and supporting me through it, encouraging me to present and eventually publishing our work. A fond memory of his Spanglish where he ordered what we thought was Calamari, which turned out to be a whole deep-fried octopus. It was delicious.

Seeing the way he led and motivated others has been a major inspiration for me; through WikiVet, OVAM, various Jisc projects, eCases, eCardioCases, not to mention all the amazing work he was doing with VetAid and Vetlife, and his family that he was so proud of. Just when I thought I could get my head around all the things he was doing, there’d be something else.

From reading many of the posts on here and seeing the reaction this awful news has had, I know he has created a legacy and so many of us will always carry a little of his spark onwards. Thank you so much to his lovely family for sharing him with us; I really consider myself blessed to have had him in my life and hope, in time, you can read through some of these stories and smile.

Chris XXX

Chris Trace

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