Jerry H.T. Liu

I was fortunate to have found a home in Mr. Liu’s office for several years.  It was a small but tight knit family in the office and Mr. Liu made me feel like a welcome member.  He was such a charming man, always with a cheeky smile whenever I saw him in passing.  I was impressed with his love for wine whenever we all sat down for nice meals together and once he cheered so hard with us that he even broke the glass!  When I passed by his office room door, I secretly enjoyed that small whiff of crisp cigar smoke that made me feel as if we were in a private speak-easy club that only we were invited to.  I knew he probably wasn’t allowed to smoke in there but I don’t think Mr. Liu was one to follow the rules all the time.

My thoughts are with all his family whom I’ve grown to think of as my own family as well.  I’m sure our Chairman is up there smiling back down on us, forever with his large glass of red and fine cigar.

Sending Much Love and My Sincere Condolences,

Chris Lane

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Chris Lane

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