Christopher Divers

What A Guy !

Mate, I loved coming back from France and seeing you on the pitch or in the coaches room with a big grin on your face (and often a coffee in your hand) and I knew that the Academy was in safe hands. I knew that you where you were meant to be, doing what you loved and I was comforted in the fact that our players not only had a great coach but someone who genunienly cared for them. 

We had big plans for you and the Academy and your passing has left a huge void.  I can only thank you sincerely for your honestly, genuineness, good spirit and open mind. You will be sorely missed , though your spirit will remain around Alliance Park and although taken at such a young age, I hope your family can take comfort in the fact that you touched so many lives positively…mine included.

I am sure that todays sadness will eventually turn into inspiration for many people. I for one will hug my children a little tighter, try to love move freely, be kinder and try to look more for the beauty and the adventure in life as I know you would have wanted. 

Thank you Chris ⚽️❤️







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