Dave Hanson

Hello, for those of you that don’t know me, I am Charlie, Dave’s favourite grandchild! Only joking; but I would say I am definitely the luckiest out of the 6 of us, as I am the oldest so I have shared the most memories with my grandad. And I was also lucky enough to be the only grandchild that met Nina, my grandma too. 

I have so many amazing memories with both of them and we spent lots of time together when I was little. Some of my favourite memories with grandad are searching for bugs and any sort of creatures we could find in his garden. I could spend hours doing it as grandad had so many plant pots and rocks that he lifted up for me.

My grandad is a huge inspiration to me as he had a big influence on my career choice as I left school. To this day, I am still in a trade because of him, and I was lucky enough to have him watch me fit a radiator when he was staying with us. He had lots of advice to give me but said I did a good job!

I wish I could hear your stories even more times that I have. They will never get boring.

I hope I made you proud and can continue to do so.

I love you and miss you Grandad.


CTM Spain

Charlie Moore

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