Chris Stannard

I first met Chris as a prospective Trustee at Campden Charities. I was totally unsure of what my role would entail and therefore somewhat nervous. But from the first meeting Chris was so kind and reassuring that he totally put me at ease and enabled me to grow in confidence. He was always available to help me to understand something, he never made me feel foolish for asking a question that I’m sure I should have known the answer to, and he made me feel a valued member of the team at all times, for which I am eternally grateful. 

Chris seemed to possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything to do with the charity – governance, our investments portfolio, the grants process, and his enormous expertise in the extensive property interests – he brought all this knowledge to bear for the enormous benefit of the Charity and future generations of residents of RBKC owe him a vast debt of gratitude for his astonishingly brilliant stewardship of the Charity for such a long time. 

We will miss him enormously – his skill and expertise, to be sure , but most of all his warmth, humour and kindness to us all.

Charles Manners

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