George Walker


On January 25th 1942 I was a 12 yr old at the Watford Girls Grammar School. As soon as school was finished I cycled through the snow to North Watford to where my Uncle Bill and Aunt Celia Walker lived.It was there that a large baby was put on to my lap, George was 2 hours old and weighed in at 11 lbs.

From then on he was my baby. I spent every possible moment there helping my aunt as Uncle Bill was in the Air Force and away most of the time.
When George became mobile life began to be very interesting, he had an enquiring mind which usually resulted in chaos around him. I cycled to N. Watford most weekends only to find my aunt almost in tears clearing up after the chaos young George had created (ink all over the dining room walls ,buckets of water ankle deep on the kitchen floor), helping her to wash it! On one visit to us he lit a small fire under my mothers Lambretta (a small motor bike) that she kept in a shed. On another occasion he removed all the nuts and bolts off the Mangle she kept outside the kitchen door, just to see how it worked.

When he was about 7yrs old he became more ambitious. Aunt Celia detected smoke in his bedroom. She said nothing to him but being a good seamstress she made him a Smoking Jacket and cap with a Fez and put it on his bed. She never smelt smoke again.
George showed an interest in music early on.When I was home from College I would play my latest pieces to him –he enjoyed the noisiest crashing ones best.

Years later when Roy and I were married we bought a new piano and George stayed with us in Trimley St. Mary and practiced the Great Concert Study of Liszt before going off to study with Lamar Crowson In Kenya. I have always though t of him as a sensitive musician above all else.

In this photo George is presented with a shield at the West Herts music festival.

Celia Clement-Smith

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