Paul John Evans

Uncle Paul, today I’m reminiscing over a couple of heartwarming memories in particular which are dear to me…
Staying with you in London for my 30th birthday (terribly generous and hospitable as always) and you not being able to understand a word us Scousers were saying around the dinner table!  You said we could be planning to rob you, and you would have no idea.
An overindulgent champagne breakfast in the garden at Dad’s, with Evan spilling EVERYTHING that I’d just prepared and you just brushing off the drama so calmly.  The sun was amazing that morning, and it was such a fabulous time.  The last time we saw you.
Lots of these funny family times, I miss greatly.
India and Charlie, our thoughts are with you both and we send all of our love to you.  Take care of yourselves xxx
❤️ Rest easy, Uncle Paul ❤️

Catherine Owens

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