Kevin John Biles

We remember the first day we met you and kev, we remember how amazing you both was that day, the kite surfing adventures, the travelling  adventures, skiiing, all the adventures. how amazing you both have been after that day. Your so kind and loving, and you both had a beautiful marriage.  All the camping weekends at Heysham, at different parts of the UK. The pubs, and meals, and the laughs, the memories, cherished forever. We remember when you both was trying for a baby, and you was both was blessed with such a beautiful little girl, from a baby too now, so beautiful, little Skye ❤️ 

We was a little sad and excited when you all moved away to portugal, sad we wouldn’t see you all much, cause you was such an amazing little family, but so excited for the adventure you was all gonna have. Seeing the progress on the biles farm on Facebook, and how much work you all put in to your home. Renovations, seeing the tractor rides with Skye, and the little homes built for all your feathered and fur friends. Such a beautiful life set up for you, Skye and kev. 


It breaks our heart, it breaks all our hearts, to know that kev has passed. We like to believe that the best kind of people never truly leave us, and as we write this message, we believe he is sat with you both and by yours and Skye side forever. i’m sure we will all see kev again, and we will all be on the beach, watching him with his crate of beer , his speaker and camping chair. 


All our love, carmen, John, Harley, Sharon & family. X


We send all my love and thoughts to you both, and my thoughts are with you both forever 


Carmen & family

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