Stephen Fell


To one of the best teacher I have ever had: Thank you. Thank you for making chemistry somewhat easier (and dare I say fun), thank you for the chocolates you would bring to all those many extra lessons we would need. Thank you for your extra time whenever I needed help, regardles of the reasons or the language- thank you for explaining chemistry to me even in spanish! Thank you for your countless anecdotes and for all the extra experiences you gave me: from all the fun saturday trips as a boarder, to the extreme temperatures of Snowdonia or Southafrica. What an honour it has been to have walked by your side in Drakensberg. But mostly, thank you for being such an amazing human, capable of always bringing the best of people with your unique humour. You were so special to so many of us. I only hope you knew how much impact you made on so many peoples life.

Mr Fell would always refer to me as a shiny bulb walking into class, if only he would have been aware it was him who shined upon all of us. The world is a bit darker now. RIP

Carmen Arquero

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