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Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

This hurts so much to write this. I’m still in denial- angry and so sad that you didn’t make it, you were always a fighter. My last message to you was not to give up, behave and not be a total pain in the arse to the nurses.


We met at Southfields Junior school, and on our first meet, you told me how my Afro resembled the guy from Snap… and so began your love of winding me up! All was forgiven when you and Ashley John allowed me to join your ‘gang’ and play cupseys at break time.


We always joked, had banter and looked out for one another. But I know you still had more in you, gutted your never got to visit me in Bristol. I’m so sad that I’ll no longer get a cheeky call/text from you, telling me how proud you were of me, how much I’d changed, that I was now a hippy! You were equally one of the most annoying and one of the most loved people in my life, you were like a brother to me.


I missed you loads before you were gone, living so far away meant we didn’t see each other often. I miss you turning up at my house unannounced, changing the music and putting on a ‘banger’. Once you popped on Drop the pressure by Mylo, and let it repeat for an hour… we often joked about this and would send videos to each other listening to it over the years. I last sent you a clip whilst you were in hospital, praying you’d see it when you woke.


I loved you to the moon and back, I’m so happy I got to tell you that. Thank you for the great memories and for always having my back. Words can’t describe how much I will miss you.


To the family, I’m so sorry for your loss. Dibble was a legend- be proud, he loved you all more than words. And he was loved by so many.


His cheeky smile will live on forever… rest easy bro.


Lots of love

Carlene and Family


Carlene Gittens

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