Colin W. Stewart

As one of the members of the Perth Rural team I was lucky enough to benefit from the wisdom, humour and kindness Colin shared to others on a daily basis. I found one of the remarkable things about Colin was regardless of the workload or stress he was under, often shown by the endless ringing of his telephone, Colin would flash a grin and take the time to discuss whatever menial work issue was bothering me as a graduate. What was clear is that Colin took great responsibility in sharing his wealth of knowledge with others; he was the one to offer me a role at Galbraith and I took great comfort in having an individual of his standing available to guide and support me in all aspects of my career. 

During our car journeys Colin and I would dissect the many woes of both Scottish Rugby and Scottish Politics; I have fond memories of him rather politically inquiring ‘if I was one of those nationalists’ after I completed a rant about the UK government, I think he took comfort in my answer! Colin invited me to join him on a valuation in the Scottish Borders, near the village of Lilliesleaf which sits closeby to his former town of Selkirk. During the drive, on what was a magnificient summers day, he regaled me with many stories of his time playing rugby and fishing or shooting in the countryside around us. I remember the day fondly and feel very fortunate to have had that insight into his life before Galbraith.

The loss of Colin was a bitter blow to us all in the Perth office and his company is sorely missed.



Calum Chalmers

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