Gareth Young

Dear Laura, Alex & Joe

My sincere condolences to you all at this so tragic time.  Gareth was such a tremendous colleague.  I feel really  privileged to have known Gareth  and to have spent such interesting times with him whilst I was a National Officer.   Gareth was amusing, astute, so knowlegeable, thoughtful, immeasurably kind, widely read and such great company.  I was so fortunate to spend several days with Gareth in Budapest, some years back now, but I will always remember our 4 hour night time walk around the twin cities.   We covered so much ground, not just on foot but in our non stop conversation which we resumed at other venues both at home and abroad.  His  quietly spoken advice not to move when I was accosted by a machine gun toting police officer at Munich airport was so well appreciated!  One sunny September day at TUC in Brighton we decided to get fish and chips and eat them on the beach as a  lunchtime break from Congress. This became known as “seagullgate” as Gareth’s fish was stolen in a frightening wng flapping episode with a very large and calculating seagull.  As always, Gareth was totally unfazed then highly amused. It is  a memory, this one so out of normal context, but in addition to many that I will always retain of someone we all held in such high regard.    Gareth has left indelible memories with so many of us.  My heartfelt thoughts are with you all.

Brian Cookson

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