Joshua Jackson

I had the good fortune to work with Joshua over many years and particularly during the last 3 years as part of the ASCEND project and related PFM work. We travelled to Mozambique together in February 2020 (our last work trip just before the world changed) and I got to learn so much more about Joshua’s life and passions. He talked daily about Jhennie and the kids, with so many lovely stories of how Jhennie and he met, the fun they would all have at church groups and their unwavering devotion to God. As Joshua’s eyesight deteriorated we communicated through voicenotes and he remained ever committed to his faith and so positive throughout, something that impressed me and really made me consider my own faith. The memory that makes me smile so much is the photo here of Joshua on a bike in the Zambezia province. He loved PFM and I loved fund management so when we saw the opportunity for ‘local taxi rides’ to our guesthouse we jumped on the back of the bikes and took a fun, breezy and bumpy(!) ride through the sleepy streets of Quelimane for around 20p. I’ll never forget that trip and Joshua’s passion for his family, faith and work. Rest in Power, Joshua.     


Brenda Dempsey

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