Our dear Isaac Nii Ayi Hammond



Growing up, you and I were always together, I remember being in your room under the bed in Chadwell Heath playing PS2 and designing fortresses with bedsheets and chairs. I remember going to the park with Des and Lydia and trying to get you to go at least halfway through the monkey bars. I remember in Chigwell, when we would be attacked by Uncle Brian and had to run around the house to protect ourselves from getting hit with pillows or even licked. I remember us playing Monopoly and me never winning. On the other hand, I think of the random times you’ve invited me on XboxLive and I’ve been in class or the fact that I haven’t gotten to see you as much as I would’ve liked in recent years. Sadly, since the news of your passing, I’ve struggled to think about these times without breaking down. I feel a big part of me is gone and I am filled with regret and sadness. Regret more about what we didn’t get to do, and the fact that we won’t be able to grow together. I feel like I have a unique relationship with you, and I am grateful for getting the chance to know you. God bless you and may your soul rest in peace.


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