Ewan Jefferies

I have worked with Ewan for almost 30 years and I have always had the utmost respect for his engineering ability. Over the years, he developed a breadth of knowledge way beyond what most people ever achieve. Ewan was generous with his knowledge and he used it wisely to develop other people and to get the best outcomes for the projects he worked on.

I will forever remember Ewan as a “people person”. His personality was such that he got on with every single person who met him. He was a real team player and he was able to get the best out of everyone, even those who have lacked motivation in the past.

As my friend, Ewan was kind, generous and an absolute joy to know. Others have spoken of his humour and that is something I will remember forever. He was always laughing and giggling about something and this I will remember him doing right into the late stages of his illness. Even in those difficult times, he was still the one making others laugh.

I miss Ewan every day. I know the world goes on but it’s nothing like a great as it was with Ewan in it.

Bob Hayes

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