Brian Turner

Karen and Evan,

I feel for you both at this traumatic time and hope that you are both strong.

What to say about a character such as Brian? His relaxed, happy go lucky, chirpy ways often disguised the deeply caring, intelligent, hard working chap underneath. The presence of Brian in the department at Bart’s was inspirational; he would never let the mood flag nor skirt around hard work. He was a morale booster. For those that knew him at the time that I was there and for Karen and Evan I offer these memories:

Literally judo throwing me in the staffroom due my general election voting choice.

Introducing the innovative ‘Wasp on a stick’

The viewing area Barber shop quartet

and finally I thank him for my nickname of ‘Torchy’.

Ah, Brian. What a hole you leave in so many lives.

Bill Wright

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