Kathryn Rudd OBE

Kat & Bex

My dearest Kathyrn,

This is not an easy write, I keep putting it off as I don’t want to admit you aren’t here. I want to carry on in the world where you are just ‘down the road’ and a quick message away, my happy place.

You are one of a kind, a superhuman and there will never be anyone quite as special as you. You had that unique ability to just make people feel safe, warm, cared for and loved. They didn’t have to be your best friend, a long standing work colleague or even relative…. you just knew how to make people feel ‘home’. Sounds like a silly word, but that’s what you were to me… whenever I would call, rock up at yours for one of your many parties or out very long lockdown walks, you just made me feel emotionally, physically and mentally secure.

I know I will never be lucky enough to have another friend like you, but I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity too.

I will make sure I talk of you often to Sophie (she adored you) and try my hardest to approach everyone in life with kindness as you did.

Love you to the end of the numbers (as you know who would say) Bex xxxxxxx

Bex Lewis

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