Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu

Dear Horia, Kara, Luca, Rodica, Liviu, Radu and Coca

The loss of Brandusa will be felt by many.  However, the memories we have of her and the contributions she made will not be forgotten.

I remember the first time I met Brandusa in her interview to join Kingsley Napley, she was so energetic and enthusiastic we just knew she was the right woman for the job.  I realised straight away what we had been missing for such a long time.  On her first day I asked her to help me out on a construction matter which I thought would just be a simple warranty.  I was very wrong, it wasn’t simple and I was very glad Brandusa was part of our team.

We had a lot of adventures together and a lot of fun.  As you know Brandusa loves to dance… even to Europop (and she would make me dance with her until my feet were about to fall off).  Now, that reminds me of our last walk together on the 11th of December.  I can’t believe we waked 11km… we were both being stubborn and we just kept walking.  I am so glad we spent that day together.  It was such a lovely day.

I have attached a photo of the day we ended up in A&E (I didn’t even know she had taken this picture until she sent it to me) when Brandusa fell down the stairs at KN and sprained her ankle.  We could not work out how to use the wheelchair and then we kept crashing into walls and doors, it was all very ridiculous but it was also very funny (as you can see, Brandusa was finding it quite amusing!)

White roses and gold stars will now always remind me of Brandusa (aka “B”).

No words can take away the pain of losing Brandusa but I hope the knowledge that there are so many people who care and loved Brandusa may ease it.

I will really miss Brandusa.

All my love

Bethan xxxx


B @ A&E

Bethan Owen

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