Jenny Theodule

To Jenny’s family – please accept my deepest condolences at this sad time. I am so sorry for your loss. 

I first met Jenny in 2001/2002 when I was a student social worker at The Heights. She then became a work colleague when I first started working for Greenwich in 2003. I always admired Jenny’s sharp mind and her ability to always present her views in such a measured and educated way. Her presentation skills were second to none and she held true social work values at her core – always advocating for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our society. Then in 2006, I remember going out with Jenny on some Mental Health Act assessments and just learning so much from her. She was very kind and supportive as she took me under her wing and I’ll never forget her trying to ease my nerves before an assessment by turning up Labi Siffre’s Something Inside So Strong, blasting it out and singing along – her tactics worked!

Whilst we were always friendly as colleagues, it wasn’t until some years later when Jenny and I were on a 5 day AMHP refresher training that I really started to get to know her. Then in 2017 for the first time we ended up working in the Greenwich Central AMHP Team together and that’s when I am privileged to say that she became more than a colleague, she became a friend.

Jenny and I supported each other with the daily ups and downs of work life and through this I got to know more about who she really was. She had a deep unending love for her boys and grandbabies, her twin, her Sam and all of her family. She was always keen to tell me about the latest family excursion whether here in the UK or abroad – how she loved some of those family holidays and how she’d glow when showing us photos or videos – especially the one when she rode on the jet-ski! She truly loved you all so much and was so proud of each and everyone of you and more than anything that’s what comes to mind when I think of her.

I could just go on and on with what I want to say about Jenny… To me she was warmth, laughter, fun, compassion, bright colours, stylish, educated, a good listener, gave great advice and was nobody’s full – I loved that about her! She was always telling me about her next project, whether it was presenting on a radio show or writing a blog about becoming vegan (that one made me laugh). I learnt so much from Jenny that I will continue to share with the world. I will miss her dearly and her smile as wide as the ocean…

Bernadette Shaw

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