Mel A.Harding (1963-2021)


Mel; my kind, gentle and handsome older cousin. I can’t believe I only had the opportunity to meet you once, back in 2004 when I visited Barbados; but you made such an impression on me. You were so kind and welcoming to me and I appreciate all the times in that trip when we were able to meet up and chat and get to know each other a little better.

I was able to meet your beautiful family, had your wonderful sister Deborah guiding me around and we also had an impromptu family reunion with many extended family from around the world. A really special time. We managed to have such a fun and happy time in such a short period and I left feeling as if I’d known you my whole life. 

I vividly remember your and Denise’s beautiful ’Mount Neison’ story and being inspired to try and write a song about it – it’s still unfinished, and even though we’d slipped out of touch over the years, you and your family have always been in my thoughts and I always assumed we’d pick up where we left off one day.

Rest in peace cousin; and to all of your family, I send you my thoughts and love and I hope I can see you all again someday x love from your UK cousin, Benj


Benj Marriage (cousin)

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