Chris Figgis (2004-2022)


I have known Figgy since year 7. We were both part of the same house so we were quickly introduced. We ended up being in almost every class together until the sixth form and were in the same tutor group until year 10. I remember having to do Spanish speaking with him which was extremely funny as we would constantly make little inside jokes to each other while we tried our best to maintain our composure. I also remember in year 7 it would always either be Chris or myself who was picked to buddy up with the taster day students and would tease each other in a friendly way depending on who got picked that time. Also since we were in mostly the same classes, we were each other’s go to person when we needed to know what the homework was or if we got stuck on some homework. Chris and I didn’t really share many interests as he was very into sport and I was the complete opposite, but despite that we still developed a friendship because he was a very smiley, funny and entertaining person. When I think back on my memories of school he is one of the first people my thoughts go to. My deepest condolences go out to his friends and family. He will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him.

Barney Kelly

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