Oh Jordan where do I start? A lot of the family have already mentioned how our get together’s and family functions will never be the same without you, and that’s true, they never will be. You were a huge part of our jigsaw a piece we will always miss. You were such a happy child, who grew into a happy sassy and full of fun adult and for that I’m glad. You couldn’t have had a more loving and devoted Mum, Dad and sister, such a close unit. Yet you travelled the world and worked in America, making friends where ever you went…building on your talents be it swimming, teaching, running and partying! Haha good on you hunny.  You should be still here with us Jords it wasn’t your time 💔it’s so unfair. 

Love and miss you, Aunty Mandy and Uncle Tim Xxx




Aunty Mandy

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