Craig Anton Johnson-Slack


Craig wouldn’t want me to say this but he was inspiring, generous, caring, supportive, professional and an amazing friend. He was a crazy, colourful (inlcuding his tan), cheeky and larger than life big fella. You came bounding into our lives over the Peak Hill like a hurricane, creating havoc, knocking trees down and raising more than a couple of eyebrows! You made your presence known! Respect grew, understanding developed, friendships blossomed – you still drove us nuts of course. You even set up home in Stoke and albeit heartbreakingly for such a short time you were a honorary Stokie!
We also knew you were an absolute ROCK! In times of need, backs against the wall, under shaking grounds and when a calm presence was needed you flourished…you were simply a really led and helped us through some professionally difficult month’s especailly when Covid struck.
They certainly broke the mould with you. I don’t know anybody that at some point you didn’t make laugh.  Booking hotels for nights out because you were the party starter and one way or another your aim was to get us drunk and keep us out as late as possible.  On those nights out, I must admit that I have never seen anyone drink a pint and shot so quick before the rest of us made it halfway through our first!
The nicknames you gave everyone and I would have to be the interpreter to whoever you are talking to and give their actual name so everyone knew who you were on about ….but we all had nicknames for you too …boss man, big lad, tango, treacle, even Covid Craig due to the amount of on call we used to do through the pandemic.
But I will remember those heart to hearts we used to have by settling an argument we had at work and whoever was in the wrong tried to make it up with a Dominoes!
I really got to know you Craig and today I have lost a brother because that is how close you were to me. You will always be family, not just to myself, but to everyone who knew you.
I hope you know how much you are loved.
Miss you, Boss Man




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