Our late Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Your majesty, I was born in 1975 in Hong Kong, and I realise your visit in 1975 and 1986 when I grew up.

Your smile and elegance impress us and you are willing to reach out every people. I do feel touched and pleasure.

At the same time, I am a philatelist from Hong Kong who focuses on HK error and variety research and collection. Again, I find you are interested in stamps after many years. Even I imagine whether I can show you my QE2 stamp error and variety collection to you, hopefully I can surprise you a bit, there is a young collector who is willing to show his insistence to shine HK stamps again.

Even though I can’t see you in person, the relationship is quite connected.

I do feel very sad about your departure, I have attended the British embassy in HK to sign in the condolence book, many people in Hong Kong share the sorrow with me. God bless you in the distant paradise, god bless our Queen always. Your smile is remembered by us forever.




Anthony Lai

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