Michael Darling

I was lucky enough to be sat next to Michael for many months while I worked in the call centre and I don’t remember a single day he came into work without a smile on his face. A colleague of ours got me a birthday present which was a mug with Mr Happy on it, as I was known to always be super cheery and smiley, but I can only thank Michael for that as his infectious energy rubbed off on me. We would joke around throughout the days about anything and everything, he would call me Elvis as I took special care of my hair, but I would always appreciate his words of wisdom on how to be kind to all people which would lead to happiness in life, as I could tell how happy a man he was. I’ve never met a person like Michael before and the phrase one in a million could not be more relevant for a special man like him. I only wish I had the chance to hear his cheeky laugh one more time.

Wishing all my love to everyone in Michael’s family and thank you for being a part of what made him the man he was.

All the best, from Anthony x

Anthony Champou

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