Rod Newman


I am blessed to have spent time with Great Uncle Rod during my time visiting England from when I was 4 to 18 years old. When I was younger, my family would visit Margie and Rod and my sister and I would be spoiled with love and attention. As I got older, Margie and Rod would pick me up from the airport when I travelled to the UK alone so I always had friendly faces to welcome me after a long journey and Rod would proceed to drive down the motorway like he was taking off in a plane! He was always happy to sit and talk to me about his life, especially his time in the RAF, and he was always interested in what I had been doing in Australia. He came to support me at the UK archery national series for which I was very grateful. Rod, you were a very kind and humble person and I cherish the time we spent together. May you Rest In Peace xx

Love, Anna

Anna Walls

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